Monday, December 8, 2008

U guys always will be remembered

The idea of disappearing was never good.. But when the loud scream rang. There was nothing i could do... All I can hope is for His guidance..

It only took 5 minutes for everyone to be dead serious and worried sick about us.. the moment we went down. It went into a emotion turmoil.. But it was the first time everyone showed the trueself of each other... 

Soon everyone went their seperate ways.. Though I was very thankful of Aaron's understanding of the situation.. But it didnt get better.. to a point where even Gabriel could not stand it and sat on the stairwell.. I honestly was worried that it will end horribly.. But still God spoke.. And i heard Aaron said these 2 words.."Trust God"..  It impacted me heavily.. It was a challenge for me myself.. Do I trust Him in the most difficult times?.. It took a step of faith.. But still I believe for a move in our hearts..

Finally, the discussion came.. and for the first time I felt it was what was really the true side of ourselves.. But we reconciled in the end.. I thanked God for what He was able to teach and to help everyone to understand.. I wanted to say all the sorries i could say.. You guys reli were a part of my life.. Thank you for all that you guys had done.. I'll always love as brothers and sisters in Christ