Monday, December 1, 2008

A random set of questions you might see in some blogs

Recently i saw this kinda stuff.. So in the name of free time.. I'll something like that..Enjoy
*The author of this post will want to apologise if any part of this post is offensive..

1. Gabriel
4.Chee Meng
6.Joel Chan
7.Zhen Bi
8.Wee Ric
9. Jeremy
10. Sheng Jian

How did you know 1- Gabriel?
-Well pretty much it's in church..hahaha

What would you do if you never met 2- Ivan?
- My school days will never be better.. And less days of stomach pain caused my excessive laughter..ahaha

What would you do if 3-Elisa and 4-Chee Meng dated you?
- If Elisa was younger than me.. Perhaps it might be a good thing
- I'm not a gay neither is Chee Meng a gay.. Conclusion.. You know it..

Would 5-Sherina and 6-Joel Chan make a good couple?
- That I would say is... maybe if Joel Chan was older... No offense

Do you think 7-Zhen Bi is attractive?
- Hmmm.. I think the number of boys liking her would answer this question

Tell me something about 8-Wee Ric..
- He's a very passionate man.. Love his messages

What languange does 2-Ivan speak?
- English of course..

Who is 3-Elisa going out with?
- I dont know myself in the matter in fact

How old is 4-Chee Meng?
- Old enough for dating life... XD

Who is 5- Joel Chan's favourite singer?
- Guess what its Jay Chou..

Would you date 7-Zhen Bi?
-....... I'm 14 only.. so wait till i'm older then i'll answer this question...

Is 10-Sheng Jian single?
- He wish he wasn't..XD

What is 9-Jeremy's last name?
-Fei Yin

Would you consider yourself having a relationship with 1-Gabriel?
- Yes.. in a friendly one only

Which school does 2-Ivan go?
- He's my classmate... where else?

What do think about 3- Elisa?
- A very good friend with a smile mostly..