Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year's here

What a year 2008... The Olympics in Bejing
Elections.. Bla bla bla..

But it was a good year especially for all(youth) of us
He taught us so many things that was so precious to us

Well, it's 2009 to come..
I'm looking forward for another year
Although it will be hectic and busy
I'll do my best

Love, joy, and hope
But in the end love prevails
~ The Sword~

~The last post of '08~

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming

Christmas... The time where snow falls after an orange season.. Too bad snow doesnt drop in the Equator areas..*sigh... Anyway, Christmas is a time where presents migrates out and in from everyone.. Is there such thing as a perfect Christmas..? NO... Because Christmas itself is perfect... 

Can I ever explain the joy of Christmas
Imagination brings you here and there
But if  it brought you to a manger with the face
Of the Saviour 
You are in the right track

A perfect Christmas cannot be explain
Yet I can only express with thoughts
Imagination of the human brain is special
Without it painters will never exist
The word creative might not even be used

Well, all I can say is Christmas is a time where you remember the 
the time where you give ( dont cry if your $$ flies)
Appreciate what you recieved 
HAve a great Christmas..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Night It All Fell Down

A night it all stood still
A night I could not bear it all
My head bombarded with thoughts
My head filled with it

Morning dew came out of what I thought it will never came out again
For years it was dry
And yet again it filled with water

To let go or not that is the question
A quote with edited words
A quote retold from a poet

Could i say this in a simplier way
I wish I could
But this is a public blog

If thoughts were put in words
Where will there be privacy?
If thoughts can be replaced with jars
I can be a millionare

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Sound Of Awesome Music

Recently I heard the new Planetshakers-Beautiful Savior( Accoustic version).. And the song that caught me was " I Just Want You".. It was a song I liked from the start.. An awesome job done by Shakers' *clap, clap*... *salute.... hahaha.. Its was also the first time they came out with emo songs..
Amazing people.. hahah.. Adagio in strings was another sad song too.. But it was too sad for a classical song.. But i enjoyed till the end.. Free in (accoustic) was good too... Keep up musicians all over the world!! Especially The Shakers'..

Monday, December 8, 2008

U guys always will be remembered

The idea of disappearing was never good.. But when the loud scream rang. There was nothing i could do... All I can hope is for His guidance..

It only took 5 minutes for everyone to be dead serious and worried sick about us.. the moment we went down. It went into a emotion turmoil.. But it was the first time everyone showed the trueself of each other... 

Soon everyone went their seperate ways.. Though I was very thankful of Aaron's understanding of the situation.. But it didnt get better.. to a point where even Gabriel could not stand it and sat on the stairwell.. I honestly was worried that it will end horribly.. But still God spoke.. And i heard Aaron said these 2 words.."Trust God"..  It impacted me heavily.. It was a challenge for me myself.. Do I trust Him in the most difficult times?.. It took a step of faith.. But still I believe for a move in our hearts..

Finally, the discussion came.. and for the first time I felt it was what was really the true side of ourselves.. But we reconciled in the end.. I thanked God for what He was able to teach and to help everyone to understand.. I wanted to say all the sorries i could say.. You guys reli were a part of my life.. Thank you for all that you guys had done.. I'll always love as brothers and sisters in Christ

Monday, December 1, 2008

A random set of questions you might see in some blogs

Recently i saw this kinda stuff.. So in the name of free time.. I'll something like that..Enjoy
*The author of this post will want to apologise if any part of this post is offensive..

1. Gabriel
4.Chee Meng
6.Joel Chan
7.Zhen Bi
8.Wee Ric
9. Jeremy
10. Sheng Jian

How did you know 1- Gabriel?
-Well pretty much it's in church..hahaha

What would you do if you never met 2- Ivan?
- My school days will never be better.. And less days of stomach pain caused my excessive laughter..ahaha

What would you do if 3-Elisa and 4-Chee Meng dated you?
- If Elisa was younger than me.. Perhaps it might be a good thing
- I'm not a gay neither is Chee Meng a gay.. Conclusion.. You know it..

Would 5-Sherina and 6-Joel Chan make a good couple?
- That I would say is... maybe if Joel Chan was older... No offense

Do you think 7-Zhen Bi is attractive?
- Hmmm.. I think the number of boys liking her would answer this question

Tell me something about 8-Wee Ric..
- He's a very passionate man.. Love his messages

What languange does 2-Ivan speak?
- English of course..

Who is 3-Elisa going out with?
- I dont know myself in the matter in fact

How old is 4-Chee Meng?
- Old enough for dating life... XD

Who is 5- Joel Chan's favourite singer?
- Guess what its Jay Chou..

Would you date 7-Zhen Bi?
-....... I'm 14 only.. so wait till i'm older then i'll answer this question...

Is 10-Sheng Jian single?
- He wish he wasn't..XD

What is 9-Jeremy's last name?
-Fei Yin

Would you consider yourself having a relationship with 1-Gabriel?
- Yes.. in a friendly one only

Which school does 2-Ivan go?
- He's my classmate... where else?

What do think about 3- Elisa?
- A very good friend with a smile mostly..