Friday, June 19, 2009

The Story Of His Life ( Part 1)

Since this blog is called " The Story Of Life"... Then i suppose u readers deserve a story.. XD

"Once a upon a time.... *(boring cliche)... Hmmm maybe once in a place called planet earth...
there was a guy out of billions and billions of people existing... His name was Jack...( I know its still boring but hang in there)... Like any other teen.. in his early years..
He was an and other 13 yr olds.. Hanging out.. watch tv shows.. It was a calm January...

"briiiiiinngggg!!".. His alarm rang... *Yawn*.... " *sigh.. School's back...again the 13 th time.. "
Sluggishly he drag himself himself from bed.. "Well looks like i'm in middle school"

7.oo am - WAlking with an empty bag.. ( not really empty XD)... the moment he stepped in a huge school.. His eyes opened wide... " Wow, this is huge".. Walking in.. His eyes saw on something that he never thought would happen...

( *to be cont XP...Its my first time writing so dont expect an awesome story)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Of Picnics And Sounds Of Gushing Waters

Picnic was fun... but cold @.@
...Hahahaha.. Thank God the weather was good
Or else it will be colder..
Food was good.. Thank you everyone who contributed

Gabriel had an inspiration of a new song( * gomen gabriel.. leak ur secret)
But I took pictures of sceneries
Its a secret...