Sunday, May 2, 2010


this series of events took place not too long ago.. ( i think).. so here how it goes

Anonymous 1: (seated in the middle of *2 and *3)..
He is my brother now... and i'm the sister (to *2)

Anonymous 2: (looks confused).. (thinks harder)

Anonymous 3: Yes, in the future

Anonymous 2: (finally understands).. oh..

Anonymous 1: You know edi?! (looks shocked).. do you know??

Anonymous 2: everyone knows edi.. (smiles funnily)

Anonymous 1: ( laughs).. Good luck Anonymous 4, you have..(counts) 3 "competitors". You are the fourth one... ( smiles wide)

Then, all Anonymouses smiles funnily

Anonymous 4: Can I eat my noodles in peace??

In conclusion, to Anonymous 1.. these series of words might happen or might not happen.. but even though it might happen.. it will take a very long time though... But Anonymous 4 is slowly working his way patiently.. So do be patient.. XD..