Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There Is More Than Life Than Meets The Eye

As i walk down an alley in my dreams
I thought to myself 
What is the most precious thing in the world?
As i search and pursue so much things like 
Or the meaning of life itself

I ask another question to myself
What is the most powerful thing on earth?

No.. Neither.. Because it cannot be earn, obtained with money or anything
It is
And ultimatlely...

Love.. Never ending love
Love that is honest
Love that is blameless
Love that breaks all boundaries 
Love that never fails to give and give
Love that is always ready 

Only the love of God.. Only the love of God
Surpasses all things
time and all needs.
That is THE MOST POWERFUL thing on earth..

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I just found outIm insane..XD
I watched 24 episodes of series in one single day..kakakak
But it taught me something
Something very important

But i'll keep it to myself
XD .. Why?
Its compilcated..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Its Raining, Pouring , and Hurting

Its still in my mind.. The day the rain was so not expected... A happy festival.. The event i so look forward.. So is that moment.. never expected
As I was doing what i did, you came along.. WAs it happy or sad?.. i dont know..

Me and you
under that umbrella..
rain is p0uring like it never rain for days
I still remember the feeling
So emo, so breaking
yet so happy, and heart pounding
But that one word you said
It makes me wonder
should i deserve it
should i?

* to the person who said i was lucky and never got to do as young as me.. - its not all fun
definitely not a thing that u will get everyday..XD