Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming

Christmas... The time where snow falls after an orange season.. Too bad snow doesnt drop in the Equator areas..*sigh... Anyway, Christmas is a time where presents migrates out and in from everyone.. Is there such thing as a perfect Christmas..? NO... Because Christmas itself is perfect... 

Can I ever explain the joy of Christmas
Imagination brings you here and there
But if  it brought you to a manger with the face
Of the Saviour 
You are in the right track

A perfect Christmas cannot be explain
Yet I can only express with thoughts
Imagination of the human brain is special
Without it painters will never exist
The word creative might not even be used

Well, all I can say is Christmas is a time where you remember the 
the time where you give ( dont cry if your $$ flies)
Appreciate what you recieved 
HAve a great Christmas..