Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Special... 2010..

This Christmas its a season for giving...
well, I dont exactly have presents... but tagging you in these notes may do...
so here its goes..=D

The Foo's (only one)

Amanda: my soul sis!! XD... Its a very merry Christmas to you... recess wont be same without you ya'know... looking forward to be classmates next year... cheers.. =D

The Teh's

Danzel: dai lou!!.. =D... Merry Christmas.. next year tugas same day kay??? xD.. Have a good Christmas..=P

Sheng Hui: Merry Christmas to you!!.. dono wat to say..haha.. have a good Christmas!! xD

Sheng Jian: Ah Jian, merry Christmas!!.. next year go UK dont forget us ar?? xD..

The Chow's(only one.. and not Peter Chow)

Abel: no turtles for you at Christmas.. =/.. but a very Merry Christmas =D.. i'm waiting for more jokes.. xD

The Adlina's (only one)

Sofea: Merrrryyy Christmas!! =D... dont be blur next year kay??? cheer up and enjoy your Christmas.. xD

The Amalina's (only one)

Natasha: Merrry Christmas, nat... =P... enjoy it before next year.. bruno for Christmas eh?? =D

The One and Only Joe

Ivan:Dei, brotha' merry Christmas my man... xD.. enjoy it real good at Christmas... next year's gonna be a ride... and show me the guitar next year.. peace.. and cheers!!. xD

The Tan's

Christa: this is your captain speaking... we are landing in the North Pole and meeting Santa for a Christmas trip..=D... haha, merry Christmas to you anyway.. =D... cheers.. =)

Elisa: elisaaaaarrrrrr!!!.. Merry Christmas!! =D... hope you have a nice and memorable one... the story shall unfold on boxing day kaysss??? xD.. signing off, CIA agent.. =P

Amelia: Merrrrryyy Christmas!!. =D... see you next year, amy.. and the penguin is still cute.. =P

Karuna: Yo sis!!!... xD... Merrrrryy Christmas!! =D... get the bag, girl... =P... and show it to me... xD..cheerss..=D

The Chu's (only one)

Louis: merrryy Christmass!!!..=D... your iPod touch 5mp syok la now.. xD